Phases of the Moon

Monday, 22 October 2012

It is just a phase

What do I want?
To observe the phases of the Moon.

What do I need?
Marker pen



What do I do?

1.   Cut a circular cardboard 30 cm in diameter.


2.   Fold the circular cardboard into four equal segments. Then, divide each 
  segment into seven and unfold it. Number them from 1 to 28 
  counterclockwise. This is your “Day of Observation Chart”.

3.   Make a small hole on the top of the chart. Tie a string and hang the chart. 

4.   Observe the shape of the Moon and draw it on the segment of the “Day of

      Observation Chart”.

5.   Repeat your observation every night for 28 nights and record your 
   observation on the segment according to the day of observation.
6.   Cut a circular cardboard 10 cm in diameter to form a “Lunar Calendar 
7.   Repeat step 2.
8.   Paste the “Lunar Calendar Chart” on the “Day of Observation Chart” so   
  that segment number 15 on the “Lunar Calendar Chart” corresponds to full 
  moon on the “Day of Observation Chart”.

9.   The numbers on the smaller card represent the lunar calendar.

10. From the “Lunar Calendar Chart” identify new moon, crescent moon, 

      half-moon and full moon.

What do I find?

1.  On what day of the lunar calendar can you see full moon?

2.  On what days of the lunar calendar can you see half-moon?
3.  What is the difference between the first crescent moon and the second crescent 

What do I conclude?
There are (four / eight) major phases of the Moon in one month of the lunar calendar.

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